Beiton was born in 1973. At a very young age and with no formal training, Beiton began experimenting with color, balance and contrasting visual elements by taking photographs of light, dark, colorful and monochromatic objects, and placing them into mixed media collages. Born into a family of creative minds, Beiton perpetuates his artistic desire to create and evolve. He sees his artwork as a vehicle of balance and visual impact. He draws much of his influence from such artists as Robert Indiana, Appel, Basquiat, Hans Hoffman, Verschoor, Berkouk, Albers, and other contemporaries. Trends such as the Bauhaus movement and the Mid-Century Palm Springs Modern period have had a great impact in defining the simple, yet effectively stimulating look of his work. In creating simple and smooth design, he allows the audience to indulge in the naive pleasures, say the pleasure one experiences when eating something sweet and fluffy. Beiton is able to compose images, shapes, and colors, which allows most to enjoy a visual impact like no other. Beiton mentions, "I like to create images and mix colors to communicate visual pleasures". Beiton continues to live between Israel and the United States, and may occasionally be seen at local art shows.

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