Chabrene was born in Kharkov, Ukraine in 1964. In school, he studied architecture and featured his art in numerous art exhibitions. Chabrene graduated and worked as an architect while continuing his painting and presence in the art community. Shortly after, he started teaching art and began to have his works exhibited in art shows around Europe. Chabrene joined the national artist union in 1994. Then in Late 2001, Chabrene and his family decided to immigrate to Israel and he decided to dedicate himself to his art. Landscape subjects and still life pieces are the focus of Chabrene’s work, which he paints notably with thick, dramatic brushwork and bold colors, using a unique technique, which he has developed himself. Chabrene’s work is exhibited and collected throughout the United States, Israel, Ukraine, and France. He’s had several one-man and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

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