Debra Okner

The evolution of her work as a clay artist has been through participation in workshops that focused on figurative and portrait sculpture with noted ceramic sculptors: Sheila Oettinger, Christina Cordova, Debra Fritz, and Susan Horowitz. Debra’s work has been in galleries in Chicago and the northern suburbs. Her interests in other mediums include mosaics, basket weaving and jewelry making. Within these other disciplines each work is enhanced by the addition of clay ornamentation.

In her current work, a 30,000 year old pit firing technique is used to enhance the sculptures’ surface. The works are not glazed but fired in an open bonfire lined with combustible material. Compost matter is secured to the work and layered in the pit. The sculptures themselves are treated with metal, acid and reactive chemical elements. The resulting effect once the fire is lit and the sculptures sit in the smoldering flames for 48 hours, is a source of amazement. The element of fire marks each one with its fluidity by weaving in, out and around the work.

Available Pieces
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