As a child growing up in the 1980's, Deluca's main inspiration came from the hip MTV (Music Television Videos) generation and all the great music videos that appeared on it. The 80's culture and products that took off in that decade created an everlasting influence and identity within Deluca. The birth of rap, hip hop, break dancing and graffiti gave Deluca the basic elements for creating ideas towards his art that became a symbol of the combined...movies, music, fashion and products of the awesome 80's pop culture. His use of everyday products allows us all to relive a moment from a song, MTV, movie, or even a television commercial. Deluca creates his work as a beacon of imagery for an audience to understand, unravel and relive the greatness the 1980's pop culture provided...and to ultimately inspire many generations to take elements of that period and include that in their daily life.

The cultural art revolution that was taking place in the 80's influenced many artists in music and fashion to use iconic imagery and symbolism that was characteristic of the larger than life appeal. Deluca draws most of his influence from Warhol, Haring, Lichtenstein, Crash and many others, which became iconic in the 80's urban pop art movement. Deluca likes to point out that his work embodies the culmination of the 80's pop culture...from the spark of vivid fluorescent colors to the amazing candies, movies, toys, music, MTV, fashion and everything else that occurred in that wild and wonderful decade.

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