E. Marie

E. Marie is a representational artist based in the metro-Detroit area, whose creative journey is a testament to the power of art as a universal language.

In her work, Marie views art as a distinct language, one that transcends the barriers of spoken words. Her aspiration is for viewers to experience the art speaking directly to them, fostering an internal dialogue with the subject matter. This communication, untethered from the constraints of language, is a profound means of self-expression and connection. Sometimes, she changes the subject to display the essences of the figure, form, shape, and incomparable characteristics to let viewers speak with her pieces in their own unique ways.

E. Marie's work is a celebration of the diverse and unique internal conversations that take place in the moments of contemplation. Her art is a vessel for these intimate dialogues, each piece fueling her desire to create more, to delve deeper into the human experience, and to offer an escape. Through her art, she seeks to provide a sanctuary where individuals can communicate with something deeper than words, forging connections that resonate with the very core of the soul.

Available Pieces
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