G. Fenig

Giselle Fenig's paintings are an extension of herself, her energy, and her inner state. Fenig was born and raised in Mexico where she currently resides. Her works are
colorful and spontaneous paintings are created gesturally and expressively, capturing both strength and energy.

Identifying with abstraction, the human figure, and abstract faces, Fenig creates visceral experiences through the use of paint marks and applications. Her vibrant and engaging compositions combine varying materials and techniques. She creates using charcoal, acrylics, pastels, and oil bars on paper, fabric, and canvas.

Fenig says, “I let the colors speak to me and trust my intuition to guide me through the process.” She is often pleasantly surprised by accidents as it is all a part of the process of creating and honors the art of imperfection. Each new piece has the opportunity to create its own identity and therefore becomes irreplicable.

Available Pieces
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