Liza Levina was born in 1995 in Moscow, Russia. For her pursuit of higher
education, she studied at the Serov Drawing Academy in Moscow as well as The
Moscow Art and Industry Institute. Levina immigrated to Israel in 2019 and lives by the sea in Bat-Yam, a small city near Tel Aviv. She tries to spend her time as long as she can on the beach which has a huge influence on her art.

The water, the shoreline, and the people enjoying the beach reflect just how
much happiness and relaxation the ocean brings to Levina. Her paintings also include an element of mystery and adventure as the viewers look from one person to another to see how the different people are spending their day at the beach.

Levina's paintings took part in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Israel and
USA. She likes to experiment with the canvases she chooses to paint on. Such as,
pickle-ball rackets, ping-pong rackets, ice cream bars, traditional canvas, and more!

Available Pieces
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