Lucie Leduc

Lucie Leduc has a background in graphic arts but for the past decade has focused exclusively on painting. Based in Montreal, this self-taught artist began doing portraits in oil before turning to more abstract forms. Her current style of painting is best described as a hybrid of abstraction and representation. The imagery of flowers, wildlife in her current series, combined with her use of vibrant colour, gives her work a dreamlike quality.

‘‘I started painting doing mostly portrait in oil, then I switched to abstract/ figurative art and found myself more at home in this medium. My work is very much about process. Although abstract in nature, there is an underlying visual order that gradually seems to emerge. I seem to be forever altering and adjusting the framework of some invisible reality. ’’

Her work was part of solo and group exhibitions in Canada, and her paintings have found their way into private collections in the United States, Europe and South America.

Available Pieces
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