Panupong was born in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1984, where he went on to attend art school. He graduated in 2005, with a Bachelor’s of Applied Arts from Silpakorn University. Panupong picked up the brush early on, at just five years of age. Panupong’s views on art, culture and the world have developed over the years, and he uses his brush to express these evolving perspectives. It’s a medium for him to communicate with the world.

Panupong’s art incorporates graffiti, symbols, idioms, language, and expressive color and lines to form abstract expressionism. His paintings contain fragmented narratives and evocative imagery, enhanced by collage techniques to reflect an expression of culture. Panupong’s vibrant pallet and playful strokes give a definitively Pop Art sense to his work, and urban essence with the inclusion of his graffiti style. His work elicits a sense of chaotic cohesion that echoes the visual overload present in the world today. Panupong’s work is guided by an innate sense of cognition: it’s a physical representation of the mélange of thought and recognition. Our spirit is eclectic in an era of globalization.

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