Sharon Blumenfeld, born in 1977, born and raised in Haifa. She currently lives and works with her family in Tel Aviv.

"As a child, I always painted, I was attached to art from a young age, I also played classical piano for 12 years.  As a young girl I loved drawing characters. After the army,  I started studying fashion design at Shenkar but soon realized that this was not my direction and started studying law and business administration. (1999-2003) LLB and BA in Real Estate Finance. Right at the end of my studies I moved with my husband to New York, where I continued my Master of Science (LLM) studies in Finance, Banking and Corporate Law, at Fordham Law School."

Sharon holds both the NY and the Israeli Bar.

"About two years after we returned to Israel, I opened the confectionery Red Velvet, which has existed from 2009 until today. I started the center of adult life from other directions but always painting was in the background.  Lately I have decided to devote a lot more time and energy to this and have also moved on to painting in larger mediums. I get inspiration mostly from colors, shapes, street art and people.  I really like to draw characters and convey a story with looks. I like to see the world in an optimistic but not naïve way, (cautious optimism).  Draws from emotion without planning ahead. I Never know how the painting will end. I really love working with the layer and depth method. This always leaves an unfinished part in the painting – that symbolizes for me an opening for change and a good surprise." -Sharon

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