Solome started to experiment with artwork in his 20’s. He is a self taught artist who is fascinated with theater and performance art. His first introduction to art and performance was in Paris, where he travelled one summer to experience art and theater at it’s most pure level. The Champs Elysees, Rue De Rosier and the theater district were places that made a lasting impression on his inspiration for the the human figure. In the Rue Des Rosier area, the Picasso museum took his attention and allowed him to imagine the human figure in a different light. That summer he decided to pursue art as an alternative to his otherwise complex life as a student completing his degree in writing. He is directed with a passion for creative movements, Solome tends to use charcoal and other natural pigments, which conveys a true saturation of color and appeal. His approach to artwork is inspired by the human form and how it relates to the primal feel for love, intrigue, and fascination. His works can befound in many collections throughout Europe.

Available Pieces
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