T. Brown

Todd Brown is a contemporary painter, illustrator, muralist and modern collage artist. His creative hero's include Jeffrey Koons, Salvador Dali, Mark Kostobi, Tristan Eaton, and Carol Brown-Goldberg to name a few. Brown’s current work features an expertly crafted, visual collection of pop imagery blended with his own creative and playful style.

Fascinated with cover and pop art, his latest paintings are a combination of a graphic book narrative and cartoons combined with modern pop-art that fuse a path through each bold, and energetic exploration of his pre-millennial childhood juxtaposed with pop culture.

His work reflects popular cultural subjects from the past and present while the imagery of modern day advertising and consumerism are sometimes accessible as well as subliminally placed. It is here the viewer will develop a relationship-based self awareness.

By slamming contrasting subject matter into one-piece, the relationship of the comic imagery and products will all blend to create one loud story. Each painting is the artist's own personal comic book cover; the individual brand is sold separately.

Available Pieces
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