Yinon Galon

Yinon Galon is an Israeli photographer that has devoted over a decade to diving into human relationships at its core and revealing genuine feelings. Galon uses water as a vehicle to establish an inward perspective void of outside noise. He strives to capture the emotions that are brought to the surface when engulfed in water.

At age 7, Galon discovered the magic of taking photos underwater. Initially rooted in self discovery, he immediately established this was the best way for him to express himself. As he found the magic of underwater photography, he creates imagery that captures the way people connect to emotion.

Being submerged in water is how Galon is investigating the space between the Breath (“Neshima”) and the Soul (“Neshama”). Using photography as his chosen media, he tries to capture the deepest thoughts, emotions, memories, pains, and pleasures which exist beyond the visual/tangible. His process of capturing his photographic subjects can be considered as a process of healing just as any other art making would.

Available Pieces
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